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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5



I'm Mr Overton, and I'm proud to present to you my Year 5 class. There are 31 young learners this year and, so far, they are proving to be polite, hard-working and full of potential.

Mrs Stansfield will join me every morning and for three afternoons, and Mrs Connelly will assist on Monday afternoons. In addition, Mr Little will assist in the delivery of PE twice a week.

Let me tell you some key information to help us all through the year.


On Mondays, spellings will be sent home in a yellow book; the children will need to learn these for a test on Friday. I have demonstrated a range of strategies to learn them, and I shall collect results as a means of assessing.

Two or three additional pieces of work will be sent home mid-week that relate to topic or Maths or English, and will generally be due the following week, either on Monday or in the next lesson. Please see homework as important: it will always be intended to build on the class learning or to prepare for a sequence of work, so support you child in completing it to the best of their ability. That said, I urge you not to stress over homework too much - if, after half an hour, it is proving too much for any of you, then leave it and send in a note. I'll understand.


Please listen to your child read at home, and sign and comment in their reading record. This will help us monitor content and progression through the schemes and allows a channel of communication. Children should be taking their assigned ‘Home Reading’ book home with them every night and returning with it the following day. We are looking for at least 2 signatures in a week. In addition, we will hear your child read twice each week during 'guided reading' sessions, as well as set and discuss follow-up tasks, free reading and book reviews.

Other activities

Guitar lessons take place on a Tuesday morning, so make sure your young musician is well equipped with music (always provided) and instrument. Watch the newsletters and web site for forth-coming events such as Christmas concerts. (School calendar here and newsletter). We will try to post videos and pictures as they come in.  

Up until Christmas, year 5 will study PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoon at 2:10pm. Please go to every effort to ensure they have a full regulation kit in school on those days. If you have any problems, please call in at the office - I'm sure we can help. Again, we will be posting pictures and videos of the sessions over the coming weeks. After Christmas, They will attend swimming once a week - more details later.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns: Teachers and parents make a great team when we talk!

Thank you for your co-operation and we hope you enjoy checking back into the Year 5 pages!


Our class novel for this half term is Morpurgo's 'Friend or Foe', set during WW2, and following the evacuation of David from London to Devon.
Our class novel for this half term is Morpurgo's 'Friend or Foe', set during WW2, and following the evacuation of David from London to Devon.

Long-term plan.

To see the long term plan for the year, click on the link below.

Curriculum Map 2017/2018

This tells you the different topics and subject areas by half-term.

Living on a prayer.

The children are proud to present (I think) their rendition of this Rock Anthem by Bon Jovi.

We are learning to play the Glockenspiels too - see the second video!