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FBA (Fantastic Book Awards)


The FBA is a fun fabulous reading group.  We meet up every Thursday to read and change a book.  Once we finish our books we write a review based on what we think of the book and how we rate it.  At the end of the school year we get invited to a party where it is revealed which is the winning book. 


On the 18th January a visitor from the School   Library service came to teach us how to decide whether we think a book is good or bad.


Article by Poppy Fleming


FBA is a brilliant way to read exciting new books.  We read new books and share our thoughts ready to vote for our favourite.  We have been placed in a group with other schools.  There are 6 groups across Lancashire receiving different books.  We are looking forward to the reveal party and hearing which stories will win this year.


Well done Year 6 for being brilliant participants.

Mrs Entwistle