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A Message from Lancashire Constabulary

13 June 2016 (by Lisa Clegg (admin))

This is a message sent via In the Know - Lancashire. This information has been sent on behalf of Lancashire Constabulary Message sent by Anthony Ford (Police , Watch Liaison Officer , East )

Please be aware of the increased risk of burglary, both domestic and commercial, in times of hot weather. Insecurity is one of the major factors in offences of burglary and in hot weather insecurity increases massively. We are all more likely to leave doors and windows open during the day and many of us will either forget to close and lock these at night or leave them open ignoring the risk. Three recently reported crimes in our Division highlight the issue of insecurity. Two offences in remote areas involved offender(s) walking into residential properties in broad daylight whilst the occupants were at home. The offender(s) simply helped themselves to expensive mobile ‘phones, laptop computers and tablets and made off without being seen! In another offence offender(s) managed to gain entry, during the night, to a house through a small conservatory window that had been left open. The offender(s) stole electrical items and two expensive pedal cycles that had been left ‘on show’ in the conservatory and removed these by opening the conservatory door using the key that had been left in the lock. Were these householders ‘unlucky’? Would you leave valuable property in a glass box overnight on your lawn and expect it to be there in the morning? Criminals know that hot weather increases insecurity and therefore opportunity for theft. For them it is a seasonal advantage. Please be aware that criminals go out during the day and at night looking for opportunities. All we have to do is make sure we remove all reasonable opportunities for them to steal our property. It’s not expensive, it’s just a change of attitude and adoption of good practices. We have to make common sense common practice. Many windows are left open during the day for ventilation but consider that keeping the windows closed and closing the blinds or curtains will probably keep the room cooler. During the day only leave doors or windows unlocked that you can see and constantly supervise. If you are in the rear garden or yard make sure the front of the house is secure. Don’t leave the front door unlocked because you are expecting visitors – you might get an unwanted visitor! At night remember to ‘KOPCAR’ • KEYS – Lock everything and remove the keys but make sure everyone in the house knows where they are if they are needed. • OUTSIDE LIGHTS – Make sure they are on, but only illuminate the areas that can be seen by neighbours or people passing by. • PROPERTY – Take property to bed (car keys, phones, lap-tops, cash, handbags etc) • CLOSE CURTAINS – At dusk to prevent thieves being able to see into your home. Close internal doors at night to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. • ALARM – If you have one, make sure it is working and set. If you haven’t got a smoke alarm, get one and check it regularly. • REST EASY – Now that you’re secured you can relax but, CAN YOU PHONE THE POLICE OR THE FIRE BRIGADE FROM YOUR BEDROOM IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY? IF YOU ‘KOPCAR’ AT NIGHT, YOU WON’T BE SEEING A COP CAR IN THE MORNING! Stay safe! Please use the buttons below or click these links to Reply to, Rate or Forward this message. Do not reply or forward using your standard email functions.