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School Council Meet the Governors

24 June 2016 (by Lisa Clegg (admin))

Our School Council representatives meet with school governors to discuss ideas and our new school motto!

On Tuesday 21st June, four pupils from the school council arrived at CTK to have a meeting with the school governors. We gathered to talk about our role in the school council and pupil parliament, discussing ideas and events which we arrange, we explained our role in improving the school. During the meeting we explained the meaning of our new strapline 'Christ at the heart of all we do'. We asked the school to design a logo for it but we couldn't decide between the four of them. We would like to thank the governors who invited us to the meeting. Our new School Motto, the three main reasons we chose ‘Christ at the heart of all we do’ 1. Our school is Christ the King and we wanted ‘Christ’ in the motto. Jesus Christ is who we follow in our lives as Catholics. 2. The heart is the most important organ in our bodies, we cant live without our heart working. Christ is the most important part of our lives. 3. Everything we do reflects on our behaviour, work, play and prayer at school. Eve, Kacey, Santino and Millie