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Reporting an absence

Please call the school office before 9.30am choosing option 1 to report a child's absence.  By law, parents are required to inform the school of the reason for their child’s absence; the best way is by note, phone call or by speaking to the class teacher; a verbal excuse given by a child cannot be accepted.   If your child has an infectious illness, please inform the school.  Please click here for health information.

Unexplained absences are followed up by a phone call or letter and it is expected that parents will co-operate by providing the school with the necessary information. Should a pattern of unexplained absences or lateness emerge, it may be necessary to involve the Education Welfare Service.

Holiday Request

Parents/Carers who wish to request holidays during term time should complete an application form, available from the school office, as soon as possible prior to the first proposed date of absence. Absences will only be authorised if parents are able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances – up to five days per term or seven days per two terms, as allowed by Government policy. Parents will be liable to fines if they take holidays over this time. Parents are advised that long trips can cause a disruption to their child’s education. Most parents are very helpful in providing us with reasons for absence. 

Holiday Request Form