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Online payments

It’s simple and convenient!

We are delighted to offer parents and families our “Online Payment” system to enable parents to pay for trips, CTK Stay & Play, music lessons, school dinners and the building fund online. 

Similar systems have already been installed in many schools nationally, bringing a number of important benefits:

 Simple to use web interface.

  • Payments are made through WorldPay so they’re secure and reliable
  • Parents can view their payment history online
  • Reduce risk of pupils losing cash

Online Payments – A Brief Guide


To make a payment to the school using the internet you will need to open up the website address


  • From here you can “log-in” to your account using the Link Code (this will be provided to each child separately). 


  • The screen will open up with your Child’s Account. If you have more than one child at the school, you can select which child you are making the payment for.


You can now pick the items you want to pay for, which may include:


  • School trip or visit
  • School Building Fund
  • Music Lesson
  • Dinner Money
  • CTK Stay & Play


When you have finished your selection you proceed to Checkout. The items you wish to pay for will all be listed here.


  • Select Checkout to confirm your purchase. You will then be prompted to enter your address details and when you place the Order you will be directed to the secure payment page where you enter your payment details.


  • Once you have confirmed your payment your order will be displayed and you will also receive an email to confirm the payment from your bank and also to confirm the items purchased.


You can also use the system to check:- 


  • Previous online transactions
  • Items purchased in school