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Christ at the heart of all we do

Reception Class

In Reception, we are taught by Mrs Crosbie and we are supported by Mrs Rowan and Miss Parkinson. Mrs Rowan also teaches us when Mrs Crosbie is completing her planning and preparation.

We follow the the school ethos 'Christ at the Heart of All We Do'  to ensure that we can complete our learning to the best of our ability.

Other information 

PE is on a Friday

Books will be changed on a daily basis when needed.

Viva Espana! 

Reception class travelled in style today, first class, on our flight  to Spain. The children were excited to come to school in their holiday clothes with suitcases packed.

The friendly cabin crew were delighted to welcome them all on board and no-one forgot their passport! After the usual safety checks we made sure that seats  and tray tables were in the upright position and then we were off.

Once we arrived in sunny Spain we made our own sangria which was delicious and helped to cool us down. We made some fans and tried a bit of Spanish dancing too.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and we knew we had to be back in England for 3.15pm so it was "adios" Spain and back on the plane.  We were tired and hungry, thank goodness the cabin crew had prepared some paella for us to enjoy while we watched an in-flight movie.

Thank you for flying with us!
Thank you for flying with us!

RecImage result for bring yer wellieseption Class had a wonderful day at

Bring yer Wellies in Hoghton!

It was a hot one but that didn't stop Reception Class having a fabulous day at Bring Yer Wellies in the beautiful Hoghton countryside. A huge thank you to our hosts Melissa and Nigel for a fun packed day. It'll be early to bed tonight for our children because we never stopped all day.

What did we do? What didn't we do?

Played on the indoor beach........learnt about water safety by the pond......fed the fish............ talked about what plants need to stay healthy.......planted our own spearmint and peppermint herb to bring home........walked through the delicious smelling herb garden............did some pond dipping............enjoyed a picnic lunch and recycled our rubbish.................  den building (were you Mrs Crosbie's team or Jackson's?)............relay races.......... and had cork boat races in the stream!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and their behaviour was wonderful. Mrs Rowan, Miss Parkinson and I were so proud of them. Well done children.

                                                   Mrs Crosbie


Reception Class spent the afternoon making our outdoor area beautiful by planting flowers and herbs. Thank you to Christine for helping the children.


We were visited by Beth and Gemma from  Oakmount Vets  teaching us about animal care. They told us about ticks and worms and other pests that pets can suffer from.

We bandaged up an injured animal and tried on the  hat and mask worn by vets when they operate.

Image result for st bernardBilly BooImage result for st bernard

Thank you to Julia Hamilton from the Blue Cross Animal Charity for visiting us and bringing Billy Boo her beautiful St Bernard. Julia talked to the children about  how important it is to care for animals properly. She told us all about how she cares for Billy Boo including brushing his teeth and grooming him regularly. 

She also talked about the rules to follow if we want to stroke a dog that we meet  - ask your children all about it. More details about the Blue Cross Animal Charity can be found here.


Jackson Pollock Art

Reception class spent a lovely, sunny afternoon with their gardeners recreating the work of Jackson Pollock in various ways.

Cartoony pic of two little boys as pirates. One has a sash round his head (a bandana) and a red one round his waist. The other has a broad buckled belt, an eye patch and a pirate hat. Both have cutlasses and are grinning. There is a treasure chest of swag beside them. Downloaded from   Pirate Learning Day!  Cartoony pic of two little boys as pirates. One has a sash round his head (a bandana) and a red one round his waist. The other has a broad buckled belt, an eye patch and a pirate hat. Both have cutlasses and are grinning. There is a treasure chest of swag beside them. Downloaded from

Our special Pirate Day was the perfect end to another successful topic in Reception Class. Thank you again for all your efforts in providing the children with costumes, they certainly looked the part. Here are a few snaps of the  day and don't forget to ask the children all about the Treasure Hunt and the secret password.

Wishing you all a Happy and Holy Easter.

Mrs Crosbie, Mrs Rowan and Miss Parkinson

Image result for duckling clip artDucklings in Reception Class.Image result for duckling clip art

World-Book-Day2018     World-Book-Day2018

Thank you to the author Steve Webb who visited us during our World Book Day celebrations sharing his story Tanka Tanka Skunk and others,  the children enjoyed the visit very much.

Our Fabulous World Book Day costumes.

We realise the effort that goes into these days, thank you for the costumes you provided for the children they looked amazing. Well done to Maddison D and Eva who won the fancy dress competition for Reception Class as voted for by the school librarians.

Let it snow clip art

In Reception class, the children are allowed access to the outdoor area throughout the day, so today we made the most of the snowy conditions. Snowmen were built and we even had a few snow castles  too. If this weather does continue please make sure the children have hats, scarfs and gloves as we do have a playtime in the morning when everyone goes outside and they are also out on the playground at dinner time. 


Snow and water will ruin those expensive school shoes so wellies are advised.

Our new topic -

Jolly Roger Clipart    Under and over the Sea!    Whale clip art cartoon free clipart images 2

We are already learning so much in our new topic of the term. Did you know that a jellyfish doesn't have a brain? Or that an octopus has three hearts?  We had fun studying fish up close (the children were fascinated with their eyes and teeth) we sketched them and talked about how fish breath under the water. We tried printing with the fish too to give our reading area an under the sea atmosphere.

7 images about pirate clip art onAhoy there........Pirate's Gallery!

We've been learning about what life as a pirate was like too and Reception class have thoroughly enjoyed our role play pirate ship - we've also taken the fun outside and built a pirate ship complete with a jolly Roger flag! 

Can you spot your little pirate in our gallery?

..........Tots on Tyres week......

Reception class have loved having "Tots on Tyres" in school this week and working hard on those balance bikes! Look at these smiles.

Christmas Dinner

Watch out......elves are about!

We have been getting in the Christmas spirit in Reception class by changing our role play area into Santa's workshop. Our elves have been busy making gifts, wrapping them and labelling them.

Afternoon Tea Party

After an RE topic all about Baptism and being welcomed into God's family, the children in Reception class wanted to take all they had learnt about welcoming and put it into action. We organised a tea party for our gardeners. We made decorations, invitations and even designed a plate and napkin for our special friends to use.  

We could only fit half of the class in at once, so we'll be having a second tea party next week.

We were seeing spots in Reception Class today as we helped to fund raise for Children in Need. Thank you for taking time to help the children dress up, they were so excited to take part in the day and they looked fabulous. We had an awful lot of cakes donated by our parents - thank you again for your generosity. 

With the school hall out of action for a while we took the costume parade outside where members of the School Council chose a winner from each class.

Large footprints found in Reception play area!

When the children were playing in our outside area this morning a set of large, red footprints were discovered. What could've caused them? The children had lots of this space and we will investigate further.


Teamwork made the dream work today in Reception class as we soldiered on with our Castle topic.

The children got their brains in gear and worked with a partner to design and build their own model castles and nothing was left out. We had moats, drawbridges, portcullis, battlements, knights, towers, and even a spiral staircase! Take a look at our efforts below, more pictures to follow.

Castle role play is fun too......

There is quite a lot of congestion in our classroom in the mornings, if you feel that your child would happily come into class and say goodbye at the door, please try it. We are encouraging the children to be independent now they are at "big school" that means hanging up their own coat, putting their bag away in their own tray (please don't do it for them!) and coming into class on their own. We are going to encourage the children to do this and ask, "Who came into school all on their own today?"  The children will soon get in the routine:  they love waving to you through our window once they are settled on the carpet. 

If you feel it's too soon for your child - you are still welcome!

Welcome to our fabulous, new Reception Class!

It has been a big week for our new intake! Lots of new people to meet, friends to make and routines to get used to. Here are a few pictures of our first few days at Christ the King. I try to update the website as often as I can so please check regularly to find out what we're up to.

Mrs Crosbie

Image result for superman logoOur new Superhero writing area

has arrived!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Reception class and they are using their super writing skills in class; from mark making to practising writing all these tricky letters we are learning - the challenge is on!