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Christ at the heart of all we do

Year 5 Class


Key Information

In Year 5, we are taught by Mr Overton and we are supported by Mrs Sudall. Mrs Room also teaches us when Mr Overton is completing his planning and preparation.

We follow the the school ethos 'Christ at the Heart of All We Do'  to ensure that we can complete our learning to the best of our ability.


I'm Mr Overton, and I'm proud to present to you my Year 5 class. There are 31 young learners this year and, as we enter the Summer Term they continue to impress me with their perseverance and growing knowledge.

Mrs Sudall will join me every morning as well as Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and Mrs Room will assist on Monday afternoons. In addition, Mr Little will assist in the delivery of PE twice a week.

Let me remind you of some key information that will ensure we finish a successful year together...


On Fridays, spellings will be sent home in homework books; the children will need to learn these for a test on the following Friday. I have demonstrated a range of strategies to learn them, and I shall collect results as a means of assessing.

Two or three additional pieces of work will be sent home at this time that relate to topic or Maths or English, and will generally be due the following Thursday. Please see homework as important: it will always be intended to build on the class learning or to prepare for a sequence of work, so support you child in completing it to the best of their ability. That said, I urge you not to stress over homework too much - if, after half an hour, it is proving too much for any of you, then leave it and send in a note. I'll understand.


Please listen to your child read at home, and sign and comment in their reading record. This will help us monitor content and progression through the schemes and allows a channel of communication. Children should be taking their assigned ‘Home Reading’ book home with them every night and returning with it the following day. We are looking for at least 2 signatures in a week. In addition, we will hear your child read each week during 'guided reading' sessions, as well as set and discuss follow-up tasks, free reading and book reviews.

Other activities

Guitar lessons take place on a Tuesday morning, so make sure your young musician is well equipped with music (always provided) and instrument. Watch the newsletters and web site for forth-coming events (School calendar here and newsletter). We will try to post videos and pictures as they come in.  

Class Art will be taught every Friday afternoon and will allow the children to display their work around the school. PE will take place last lesson on Wednesdays and on Thursday mornings. Please go to every effort to ensure they have a full regulation kit on those days. If you have any problems, please call in at the office - I'm sure we can help.

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns: Teachers and parents make a great team when we talk!

Thank you for your co-operation and we hope you enjoy checking back into the Year 5 pages!

Long-term plan.

To see the long term plan for the year, click on the link below.

Curriculum Map 2017/2018

This tells you the different topics and subject areas by half-term.

2Design and Make.

The children used this Purple Mash program to learn how to use 3-D modelling. They were desperate to bring the finished models home!

Amazon homework has been flooding in. I must say, I've been amazed at the response to this long-term homework task. A huge amount of work has been done and the children were very proud to show their portfolios of work. 

In particular, some children were able to present their powerpoints to the class. How amazing!

Below is a cross section of their work.

Let's Jazz it up!

We learned the 5-note Bossa. Even more impressive, the children are trying to play along with recorders and glockenspiels.

We know what forces are, and that air-resistance is a drag force that causes air to close in around things and stop them from moving through it. We also know that if we squirt air out of a balloon it will push it in the opposite direction with an equal and opposite pushing force. So we can make rockets, right?




As part of our study of forces, we looked at the effect of parachute size on the resulting air resistance and drop times. The day after these photos, we repeated the drops but with much bigger canopies. They fell much more slowly.

Spring is here...

Well, almost.

Some of Year 5 had the opportunity to pet the ducklings hatched in school. Don't they just look cute! (And the ducklings too...)

Design and Technology: Vehicles in action.


For some weeks, children have been building their own powered vehicles from scratch.

We started by measuring, sawing and joining Spruce spars together to make a chassis.

Onto these were added a platform to carry batteries and a motor and gears.

The young engineers then added axles and wheels, drive chains and finally a complicated switch mechanism to allow forward and reverse thrust.

Scroll through the photographs to see the class at work and the finished designs.


Making the Mark...

The children have worked hard to produce a class dance composition, which they performed to year 6. Look out for a range of gestures, actions and facial expressions. Try to identify the canon, unison and solo work.

The comments from their audience were really positive and encouraging, which made the children feel really proud and special. Well done to everyone!

Food, Glorious Food!

The children investigated various ingredients earlier in the term (see photos below) and it was finally time to prepare their meals based on the research. They had to include at least one of these ingredients. They worked in small groups and we ordered a Tesco delivery!

After preparation, they really enjoyed telling each other about the dishes and, of course, tasting and evaluating them.

I had my own favourite, but it must remain a secret!

It would seem that chillies have become quite the flavour of the month!


Year 5 get gooey! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? Is it BOTH at the same time?

Mackenzie thinks it's a 'Non-Newtonion Fluid'.
Logan says it's a 'SOLIQUID'.
The rest of us think it's just GOOOOO.

Mr Overton KNOWS it's just cornflour and water.

You decide!

Foods from around the world:

In technology, we are to design our own meal or snack using ingredients from around the world.

As a starter, we spent the afternoon tasting various ingredients from France, Germany, Morocco, Ivory Coast, China, Africa, S.America and.....lots more.

Here are the children having a go at their own 'Bush Tucker Trials'.

Alors...saucisson sec: French fermented sausage.
Alors...saucisson sec: French fermented sausage.
Ginger: A little spicy but not too hot.
Ginger: A little spicy but not too hot.
Sweet, Zesty limes.
Sweet, Zesty limes.
Olives from Greece were a hit with these two.
Olives from Greece were a hit with these two.
Turning up the heat with 'mild' chillies.
Turning up the heat with 'mild' chillies.
This is lemon grass, popular in curries.
This is lemon grass, popular in curries.

What a mix-up!

Sort things out!

Today we added to the chaos of temporary classrooms by getting messy in science.

Mr Overton was about to transport some vital cake ingredients in his tin, but accidentally dropped it. The caster sugar, cocktail sticks (or toothpicks, as I was told), mini-marshmallows ( or mellows), hundreds and thousands and soft shimmer pearls were irreversibly mixed. Or so we thought...

The children cleverly improvised various sieves from hessian, netting, sacking and other fabrics to sort the substances back into separate pots. How clever!

This half-term we begin with a study of some classical poetry.

This week we studied The Walrus and the Carpenter, a famous poem from Alice Through the Looking Glass (1871) by Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Dodgson).

Here, the children came together after group study to perform a class rendition, focusing on speaking clearly, fluently, audible and with good register. 


Look out! The Anglo Saxons have arrived in force at Christ the King. We're doomed!

Mrs Stansfield tried to fend them off, but was outnumbered. They were too fearsome, and were even joined at one point by a mysterious tall warrior who was indeed formidable.

Run for your lives!

No Pens-day Wednesday!

What a day we had without our pens! 

"Can we do that every week?"
"Today was awesome!"

We began with a shape game: The idea was to design a simple picture using shapes behind a screen, and then describe it to others while they tried to copy it. Some were better than others...

Next, we had a go at acting...

The children got into groups and picked a short section from 'Friend or Foe' to present to the rest of the class. Results were terrific.

After a few rather funny circle games that included 'Musical Chairs Using Cards' and the now-famous 'One Green Frog Jumped Into the Pond Splosh', we had a go at...

                                                                       SILVER FOIL ART.


                                                                                                                                                              We loved it! 

Living on a prayer.

The children are proud to present (I think) their rendition of this Rock Anthem by Bon Jovi.

We are learning to play the Glockenspiels too - see the second video!