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Year 3 Home Learning 

Welcome to Year 3's Learning Page 

Date: Monday 1st March - Friday 5th March 

Good Morning Year 3!

This is the final week of home learning - we cannot wait to have a full class of children again!  

This week we are starting a new literacy topic all about shoes! This is another great writing opportunity to use some great descriptive vocabulary and to be creative in your writing. Please remember to send us all of your writing - we love reading it.   

This week we will be holding additional zoom sessions. In all packs you will find a letter detailing the changes. Below is an adapted version of the letter without teachers zoom codes. If you need a copy of the original letter please email our class email and we will send it to you. 

Zoom Letter

Please try to log on to Timetable Rockstars (TTRS) and Active learn daily- we have allocated several books and math's games for you to complete. We will be checking weekly to see who has logged on and who is a time table wizard! 

If you have any questions about your home learning or you want to send in your completed work including pictures please send them to your class email - I will check this regularly. 

Your home learning packs are ready to be collected from school today. 

Take care and have fun. 

Miss Shakespeare, Miss Poole, Miss Lincoln and Miss Parkinson


We all wear lots of different types of shoes! Let's become shoe professionals this week! The challenges for this week include watching different film clips, exploring three versions of The Elves and the Shoemaker story, and writing responses each day.

Please click on the link below to see what is in store this week. 



Monday - Worksheet

Monday - Video


Tuesday - Worksheet

Tuesday - Text

Tuesday - Video

Tuesday - Video


Wednesday - Worksheet 

Wednesday - Video

Wednesday - Video - The Windmill has stopped

Wednesday - Video - Margot


Thursday - Worksheet 


Friday - Worksheet

Friday - Video

Friday - Video - Advert

Friday - Video - Advert

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.


This week we are going to explore and delve into chapter 6 of the book  'Stig of the Dump'. Each chapter and questions will be included in your packs. 

I suggest for you to read the chapter and underline any words you do not understand on a Monday and use the online dictionary on Tuesday and look up any words you underlined. Tuesday to Friday complete the comprehension questions. 

Stig of the Dump - Full Text

Comprehension worksheet and answers


Please practise your spellings for 10 - 20 minutes every day. Try looking the words up in a dictionary and then put them into sentences. If you haven't got a dictionary at home, ask your Mum and Dad if you can use an on-line dictionary using this link Britannica kids dictionary

Spellings for week commencing 1/03/2021

  1. pressure
  2. probably
  3. promise
  4. purpose
  5. quarter
  6. question
  7. recent
  8. regular
  9. reign
  10. remember 


We will be continuing length and perimeter this week in Maths. Last week we were impressed with your sound understanding of this concept. 


Monday - Teaching Video 

Monday - Independent Activity 

Monday - PowerPoint 

Monday - Answers 


Tuesday - Teaching Video 

Tuesday - Independent Activity 

Tuesday - PowerPoint 

Tuesday - Answers


Wednesday - Teaching Video

Wednesday - Independent Activity 

Wednesday - PowerPoint 

Wednesday - Answers



Thursday - Teaching Video

Thursday - Independent Activity 

Thursday PowerPoint 

Thursday - Answers 


Friday - Teaching Video 

Friday - Independent Activity 

Friday - PowerPoint 

Friday - Answers

Don't forget your timetables too. I have included some extra sheets for you to practise at home daily. Good luck! 

Religious Education

Please complete this worksheet by the end of the week!

Religious Education Worksheet 

RE - Gods Story 

For Monday's Worship please click on the link below. 

Monday Worship - Week commencing 1st March 

For a daily prayer please use the link below.

Daily Prayer


This term we are going to be learning all about forces! Last week we started to look at 'pushing and pulling' - i want you to complete this Venn diagram and give examples of times you have pushed or pulled something! 

Science Worksheet 



This term we are going to be looking at our local area, in particular the Lake District. We all have probably been to the Lake District as we are very lucky it is only an hour away. This week i want you to research a lake and mountain/fell and create fact files/posters. 

Geography Worksheet 

Lake District PowerPoint 


In history we are  learning all about the Romans! This week i want you to complete an acrostic poem! Last week we completed one about Robin Hood- you was all amazing that then! We can put all of your poems in our 'Year 3 Poem Book'. 

History Worksheet 


This week the curriculum PE lesson is striking and Fielding. Click the click below to access the lesson. 

Curriculum PE Lesson - Target Games

Why not try one of the activities/lockdown lessons from Burnley School Sports Partnership? Remember you can email me some photographs and videos!

Online PE resources

Why not try some of Mr Ashworth's video activities on his Home Learning Page!

Sports Home Learning 

Learning Links



Purple Mash

Active Learn - Please note that Active Learn does not work with Safari browser - please use Google Chrome to access