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Year 5 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 5's Home Learning Page 

Emergency Water Closure 17.09.21

Morning everyone, well this is a strange day, but we would like you to access some home learning until we can get you back in.


We have been looking at our time tables this term and I have been so impressed with your knowledge. Have a go at the sheet below and bring it into school for me to look at. There are house points at stake!

OH NO!!! The Fairground mascot, Keith the Kangaroo, has been hidden and you have been asked to find him before the big procession later today.  A note has been left giving information to help you, but to read it, you need to first crack the code.  Just to make it harder one of the words might be an anagram (a muddled up word)!!  Can you solve it in time to get Keith back before the procession? Click on the resource below and help him!


We have been enjoying The Lion the Wardrobe. I don't know about you, but one of my favourite characters is the White Witch. Witches are all over film, history and books. I would like you research Witches and create a fact page. You could look at witches in stories you have read or have seen in a film for e.g. Wizard of Oz, The Witches by Roald Dahl or the Disney witches. You could even look at the Pendle Witches, which is a wonderful piece of local history. 

Think about their powers, what they look like, what they wear, who their helpers are and what they want. You could draw pictures or even create Top Trump Cards. Whatever you do, remember to bring it for me to look at.

Don't forget to get out and Beat the Street! Make sure you are with an adult, go out and explore, pick up points and let's win this! Have fun.

Date: Monday 1st March to Friday 5th March

CLICK HERE - Friday 5th March Schedule

Welcome to the last week of home learning! I am really looking forward to seeing you all in class soon! 

Let's not let the momentum and routines we have established stop this week. Remember that you will find the Maths so much easier if you attend the Zoom meetings every day. Also, remember to please not rush through your work before you have attended the Zoom lessons - they are to help you. 

Today's Zooms are at 11:00 for Maths and 3:00 for our class story.

Zoom Times


This week, to go along with your English, in your packs you have work to do each day on punctuating dialogue: 

How to skin a bear direct speech punctuation

Raiders peril direct speech punctuation

Using dialogue to advance the action

Using dialogue to create tension

Using dialogue to describe characters

It would be wonderful to see great dialogue in your English this week!



This week you will carry on with the theme of micro-organisms, scientists and the work of the NHS through your English. You will be writing your own narrative based on the real life information you have found.  

Here is the link to the week's plan and work: English plan 


World Book Day Activities

Note sheet for author study

Author and illustrator lesson

Little Badman extract

Rob Biddulph bookmarks to colour

WBD Quiz

Draw with Rob bookmark video



Try to practise the spellings in your folder every day for about 20 minutes. Do a different activity like we do in class each day, e.g. turn them into pictures, write as many in 30 seconds as you can, make a long sentence with as many of the words as possible.












Complete the reading comprehension in your pack about the NHS. 

NHS reading comprehensions


This week we are moving onto fractions. I think this unit of work will be tricky to do as home learning but I am sure you will try your hardest to understand it and I will do my best to support you. I am going to do as many Zoom meetings as possible to help you and also maybe post some instructional videos on here - so please look out for these!

Day 1 

Mon Maths worksheet

Mon Maths answers

Mon Maths video

Mon Pink Maths worksheet

Mon pink answers

Mon pink Maths video

Day 2

Tue Maths worksheet

Tue Maths answers

Tue Maths video

Tue Maths challenges

Tue Pink Maths worksheet

Tue Pink answers

Tues pink Maths video

Day 3

Wed Maths worksheet

Wed Maths answers

Wed Maths video

Wed Maths challenges

Wed pink Maths worksheet

Wed pink answers

Wed pink Maths video

Day 4

Thu Maths worksheet

Thu Maths answers

Thu Maths video

Thu Maths challenges

Thu pink Maths worksheet

Thu pink answers

Thu pink Maths video

Day 5

Fri Maths worksheet

Fri Maths answers

Fri Maths video

Fri pink Maths worksheet

Fri pink answers

Fri pink Maths video


For PE this week I would like you to follow the ideas on this document for throwing at targets. Remember that the online resources can be used at any time. The more exercise, the better! I would love to see photos of you doing any form of exercise.

Target Games

Online physical activity resources

Mr Ashworth has recorded some video activities for you to try at home you can find them by clicking the link below

Sports Home Learning


This term we will be studying the ancient Maya civilisation who flourished in Central America and mysteriously disappeared in the 1600s... 

This week I would like you to learn about the Maya calendars.

Follow this worksheet:

Maya calendar

Religious Education

RE plan - Judas

Bible passages

Judas Betrayal Mystery Game

Here are some challenges and activities to do this week and month:

Lent and Holy Week activities

40 Acts of Kindness

For Monday's worship click below:

Monday's worship

For a daily prayer session use the link to Ten:Ten Resources below.

Daily Prayer


Your new topic this half term is forces that produce movement.

Zoom at 2:00 on Thursday!

This week we will be looking at the force of gravity. I will take you through this work in the Zoom meeting.

Newton Fact Sheet

Newton Activity Sheet

Gravity powerpoint

Measuring Gravity Activity Sheet


Your topic this half term is looking at weaving with a focus on Maya textiles.

For this weeks DT I would like you to try to make a sun burst!

Sun burst weaving craft instructions

Learning Links


Purple Mash

Active Learn - Please note that Active Learn does not work with Safari browser - please use Google Chrome to access