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Christ the King RC Primary School

Christ at the Heart Of All We Do

Reception Class

In Reception, we are taught by Mrs Crosbie and we are supported by Mrs Rowan and Mrs Sudall (mornings only). Mrs Rowan also teaches us when Mrs Crosbie is completing her planning and preparation.

We follow the the school ethos 'Christ at the Heart of All We Do'  to ensure that we can complete our learning to the best of our ability.

Other information 

PE is on a Friday

Books will be changed on a daily basis when needed. 

Learning Letters


Please find links below to all our learning letters for the academic year 2020-2021. These contain important information on topics we are covering in class and PE days.


Autumn 1      Autumn 2       Spring 1       Spring 2      Summer 1        Summer 2 

KIRF's (Key Instant Recall Facts)

KIRF’s are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the maths work we complete in school. 

Key Instant Recall Facts Parent letter

Reception Autumn 1

Reception Autumn 2

Reception Summer 1

Reception Summer 2

Reception Class 2020/2021

Flag of Spain - EnchantedLearning.comSunny Spain Flag of Spain - 

What a wonderful day was had by all on Wednesday when we left Burnley behind and travelled to sunny Spain for a day trip! The children really entered into the spirit of the adventure and took it all very seriously, some arriving with suitcases, sun hats and sunglasses - they really looked the part.

Will we be back for home time?

 When we have our milk and fruit?

Is Mrs Webster coming too?

Is it a real aeroplane?

Have you got some sun cream?

The crew of CTK airlines were delighted to welcome the children on board  once passports had been checked. And they didn't need to wait long before the cabin crew passed through the cabin with refreshments of milk and fruit and after a short in flight movie (Pippin) we touched down in Spain.

Some children enjoyed designing their own colourful tapas plates. We also made fans to help us cope with the heat and some Spanish flags. We listened to some Spanish guitar music too.

Of course we wanted to try the local food and drink, the paella was very popular and the children enjoyed making their own sangria!

The children wrote lovely postcards back to their friends and family too.

Free Writing Clip Art with No Background - ClipartKeyThe Literacy Shed Education insurance policy - Kaplikon Insurance Agency Limited

The revamp of our shed into a new "Literacy Shed" has been a great success. It is another area for the children to show off their reading and writing skills. We have comfy beanbags to sit on, inside or outside  with a good selection of books to read. There is also a writing desk inside and out and clipboards for writing on the move....the children are loving it.

70 Border Collie NamesBonnie comes to School70 Border Collie Names

Thursday 13th May

We had a very special visitor in Reception class this morning, Bonnie! Mrs Rowan very kindly brought her lovely border collie, Bonnie into school  because we are learning about pets of all kinds. 

Bonnie was so well behaved, she was happy to let the children stroke her and pat her gently on the head. Mrs Rowan explained that it is hard work and takes a long time to train a dog to do things when you tell them. 

Bonnie showed us that when she was told to, she could sit, lie down, play dead, spin in a circle and even ring a little bell! Mrs Rowan gave her a treat of a little piece of chicken each time she did the right thing. When a ball was thrown for Bonnie she listened to the instruction "stay" and would not get the ball until she was told to.

OnlineLabels Clip Art - Cartoon Dog Free Cartoon Dog Vector Clip Art - Free VectorsDog Agility afternoonDogs clipart brain, Dogs brain Transparent FREE for ...OnlineLabels Clip Art - Dog - Beagle

Wednesday 12th May

As we continue to enjoy our Vets and Pets topic this half term, we took advantage of a dry afternoon to hold our annual Dog Agility Challenge. We talked about how dogs can be trained to do clever things on command like sit, lie down, shake a paw or even roll over.

We watched some very clever canines competing at CRUFTS, the children couldn't believe their eyes at what a well trained dog can do and how quickly they found their way around the course with the help of their owner.

The children were instantly up for the challenge! They found a friend and agreed who would be the dog and who would be the owner. Then we created an agility course for the dogs to follow, and interviewed them just like at Crufts. They were amazing!

Can you spot your dog in the photos below?

Pirate clipart for kids free clip art library stock Consternation Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images clip art library stock  Pirate Day      Pirate clipart for kids free jpg freeuse library Security Kid Pirate Pictures Pirates Kids Clip - Pirate Clipart Png ... jpg freeuse library

Well done Pirate crew on completing your first quest aboard The Black Pig! The pirates were kept busy all day long with clues to solve on a treasure hunt, necklace making and tricky number quizzes in the morning.

In the afternoon we found out that Blackbeard Bob had stolen all of Captain Crosbie's treasure and hidden it in the Forest School! Captain Crosbie was not happy! But the whole crew pulled together to find every last diamond and ruby.

To say thank you the Captain made us a pirate snack and grog, we rested on our ship before playing some pirate team games. Yo ho ho!

We found the treasure!

Grog and snacks aboard The Black Pig!

Easter Preparations

We have had a great response to the Easter Cross and Easter Garden competition in Reception. The children have been really keen to show off their handiwork, and all the designs are so different - they are great! Winners will be announced on Thursday.

Here are the entries so far below.

         Christmas Party Day        

Just a few pictures of our day.


Reception Class - Mini Nativity

Free Christmas Play Cliparts, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art on  Clipart Library

Sadly, a nativity play has not been  possible this year. We didn't want Reception Class (or parents) to miss out so we have learnt some songs, found some costumes and performed a mini nativity in our classroom.

The camera work may be a bit wobbly, the lighting may be harsh but as always our children shine!  We hope you enjoy it.

Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem. Mary was nearly ready to have her baby but they couldn't find anywhere to stay - all the inns were full. What would Mary and Joseph do?

A kind innkeeper allowed Mary and Joseph to sleep in his stable and that night a wonderful thing happened......Baby Jesus was born. Everything was peaceful in the stable and Mary sang her baby a lullaby.

Angels, shepherd and Kings all visited the new baby  that night because He was so special. A new Baby King, born for everyone.

And that's why we celebrate Christmas.

Santa Elves Png Image - Christmas Elf Clipart, Transparent Png - kindpngElves WorkshopSanta Elves Png Image - Christmas Elf Clipart, Transparent Png - kindpng


Getting ready for Christmas is certainly a busy time in Reception Class especially as Santa has asked us to help him this year. We have our very own "Elves Workshop" and the phone orders are coming in thick and fast - no time for a cheeky mince pie for us. There are gifts to be made, hammered,  painted, wrapped and don't forget to write the  name tags! Thank goodness we have a willing army of elves  who are more than capable of this job.

Keep it up elves!

Teddy's Tea Party

There was a lot of love in reception class this afternoon as the children brought their teddies to enjoy an afternoon tea party. We had made preparations for the big day last week by sending invitations, making a huge "welcome" banner and decorating cups and plates for each guest.

The tea party was a celebration at the end of our RE topic on "Welcome" and a chance for the children to put all that they had learnt into practice.

Working hard preparing the banner.

The children all helped to prepare the classroom for our furry guests; They laid tablecloths, added plates and cake stands to the tables and shared out the biscuits.

A wonderful time was had by all!

     Poppy clip art | BARGARRAN PRIMARY SCHOOLRemembrance Day Poppy clip art | BARGARRAN PRIMARY SCHOOL  

The children were very respectful as we observed the 2 minutes silence in class this morning. Well done Reception.

Beautiful letters from Reception

In Reception class we practice our handwriting every day after lunch. Learning the correct formation of each letter is so important as bad habits are hard to fix. The children try very hard and are doing well as you can see from the pictures below.

If you would like to practice your handwriting at home there are  short videos below that shows the correct letter formation.

Correct formation for s,a,t,p,i and n.

Correct formation for m,d,g,o,c,and k.

Correct formation for e,u,r,h,b,f and l.

Correct formation for j,v,w,x,y and z.

           Autumn Wal           

Reception Class took advantage of  the lovely weather today and went for a walk in the school grounds, looking for signs of Autumn. We found acorns, berries and lots of beautiful autumn leaves. We are setting up a nature table in class and have talked about the word nature with the children. We decided nature is things which are growing, living and or changing outdoors. If the children find anything they think might go on our nature table please send it in.

After our walk we settled down in the outdoor classroom for a story and some hot chocolate. It's a tough life in reception!

Welcome everyone!

What a super couple of days we have had with our first batch of newcomers. They have been a pleasure.  I understand it must be difficult for parents when you cannot have a quick chat with the teacher or teaching assistants to find out how your child is settling, but rest assured if we had any concerns we would contact you. So far they children are settling beautifully; finding their way around the school, getting used to new rules and routines, meeting new people and having fun!

I try to update our class page regularly so you will find lots of pictures of what is going on here.

Mrs Crosbie

As the weather was so nice we spent some time outside in our garden area.

We had fun in the classroom.

We enjoyed eating our dinner in the hall.

Group 2 start at CTK!

Our second group of newcomers have had a great couple of days in their new class. They have been fantastic at coming into school on their own in the mornings and putting away their bag, water bottle and coats before sitting ready on the carpet. Well done children.

On Thursday we collected apples from our apple trees and ate them as a snack after washing them. And on Friday we had our first PE lesson with Mrs Ashworth - it was great!

We look forward to welcoming all Reception class to school on Monday morning, then the fun can really begin.


Here are some photos of our first days at CTK.

We were so quiet eating our dinner that Mrs Webster had to remind us that we were allowed to talk!