Christ the King RC Primary School

Christ the King RC Primary School

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Autumn 1 English

During this half term we have looked at the book 'Harry the Happy Mouse'. We read, analysed and responded to the text. Next we gathered content and planned an extra part of the story. Then we wrote our stories. Finally we carried out a non-fiction unit about mice,learning and writing facts about mice.

Autumn 2 English in Year 1

 During the Autumn 2 half term Year 1 have carried out an integrated English unit based on the book 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.


Creating an interest - first we used our senses to explore fruits and then used this knowledge to write a poem about fruits.

Reading response and reading analysis - we immersed ourselves into the text by looking at new vocabulary, making predictions, retrieving information and inferring how characters felt.

Instructions - next we carried out a mini non-fiction unit on instructions. We made and wrote instructions for making a jelly and for making a jam sandwich. This was also used as gathering content for our innovated story.

Gathering content and planning - from a visual story map we learnt the text off by heart. Then we gathered ideas and planned our innovated stories.

Writing phase - finally we used our ideas and planning to write an innovated story based on Supertato.