Christ the King RC Primary School

Christ the King RC Primary School

Christ at the Heart Of All We Do


What's on offer this term...

Monday - AM - YR1 /2 WAKE 'N' SHAKE            PM - YR 3/4 MULTI SKILLS

Tuesday  - AM - YR3 /4 WAKE 'N' SHAKE          PM - YR 1/2 MULTI SKILLS

Wednesday - AM  YR 5 /6 HIIT CLASS               PM -COMPETITIONS EVENING

Thursday - AM - YR3 /4 WAKE 'N' SHAKE         PM - YR 5/6 MULTI SKILLS

Friday - AM - YR 1/2 FIT Club                              PM - Girls FA / DISNEY SHOOTING STARS Football

Typical weekly club diary

Monday - AM CLUB     /  PM CLUB

Tuesday  - AM CLUB    /  PM CLUB

Wednesday  AM CLUB / Competitions evening

Thursday - AM CLUB  /  PM CLUB

Friday - AM CLUB       /  PM CLUB

Please can we remind you to:

  • Arrive at the main office entrance - doors open at 8.15am - Due to COVID-19 please do not arrive before this time.
  • Once arrived children need to hang their belongings up and then take a seat on the bench in the hall ready to start.
  • Breakfast is not provided, please ensure children have eaten breakfast before attending.
  • Come dressed in athletic kit (outdoor layers in case the activity moves outdoors) ready for the activity.
  • Please ensure all kit and bags are labelled with your child's name
  • Please bring an extra bottle of water for the activity
  • Most Important - Don't forget your school uniform!

In the event that the activity is cancelled a text message will be sent as soon as possible.