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Year 4 Home Learning 

Welcome to Year 4's Learning Page 

Date: Monday 22nd February


Welcome back! I hope that you all had a lovely week off! I am hopeful that we can all be back together very soon!!

Once again, I am listing all of the relevant information about our zooms for the week and the subjects being taught in class.

Monday: a short zoom for everyone at 9:00 am (to go through the literacy work) and writing group zooms for home learners

Please click on the document below for groups and times:

WRITING GROUPS 22.02.21 for MONDAY'S group zooms

 Tuesday: a short zoom for everyone at 9:00 am (to go through the literacy work)

Wednesday: a short zoom for everyone at 9:00 am (to go through the literacy work)

Thursday: a short zoom for everyone at 9:00 am (to go through the literacy work)

Friday: a short zoom for everyone at 9:00 am (to go through the literacy work) and a celebration zoom at 2:30 pm

Mrs Allen or Mr Ashworth will be ringing parents on Wednesday to check in on everyone! I will do my best to answer any of your queries via email and to support your child as much as I can.

Please send your child's work to our class email which will be checked daily:

Take care,

Mr Perry


weekly timetable week 7 22.02.21.docx


Please click on the link ‘Literacy plan adapted WC 22.02.21’. You can access the text mentioned in the plan by clicking on the secret lake link below. I will do daily zooms each morning to explain each lesson.

Literacy plan adapted WC 22.02.21.docx

The Secret Lake opening extract.pdf


Your child should have their home spelling book. Please look at the spellings for the w/c 22.02.21. Practise daily and test your child on Friday. Most children are learning these words:

weekly spellings 22.02.21.docx

Daily Reading

Please continue to support your child with their reading. You can teach them how to read unfamiliar words by sounding out; reading on and going back to it and, importantly, discussing the context of the story. If your child is a confident reader then please still discuss the book with them. You can talk about key events, characters’ feelings as well as authors’ choice of language and the impact on the reader.

Don't forget that your child can access books on Active Learn. Ask your child to complete this week's comprehension that is in your home learning pack. For those children who are coming to school, please bring your home reading book and home learning pack on a daily basis so that I can check your books and listen to you read.


For this week, I want your child to practise punctuating speech. This is one of the required skills mentioned in the literacy plan. Remember, in your writing, only include spoken words that help in developing your character.

For example, "I have found a box," doesn't tell the reader much about the character.

If we change it to, "Wow! I can't believe it! I've finally found it!" we now know that this character is feeling excited and that they have been waiting a long time for this. 

Please click on the resources below in order to practise punctuating speech:




speech marks year 4.docx


Daily mini activities:

Continue to practise your times tables and divisions on a daily basis. This is the order in which I would like you to learn them:

2X, 5X, 10X, 3X, 4X, 8X, 6X, 11X, 12X

Make sure you are confident in these before you move on to 7X and 9X. You need to be able to count up from zero but also know the answers in any order. Make sure you are fluent with your divisions too, linking it to your multiplication facts. 

For your main lessons, we are adding and subtracting fractions. Please see the home learning resources on the following website:

WATCH THE VIDEOS FOR EACH DAY. These can be easily accessed by clicking on Year 4 and Spring week 7 on the website above.

I am also sending you some PDFs for your children to complete. These are in your pack and can be accessed by clicking on the links below. 


mon t or f.pdf

mon worksheet answers.pdf

mon worksheet.pdf


tues t or f.pdf

tues worksheet answers.pdf

tues worksheet.pdf


wed t or f.pdf

wed worksheet answers.pdf

wed worksheet.pdf


thurs t or f.pdf

thurs worksheet answers.pdf

thurs worksheet.pdf


fri t or f.pdf

fri worksheet answers.pdf

fri worksheet.pdf

Religious Education

With Lent beginning during our week off, we are going to spend this week learning about Ash Wednesday and Lent. Please click on the documents below for more information:

RE home learning WC 22.02.21.docx

Church's story 3 page 96.pdf

Church's story 3 page 98.pdf

The resources/plans below were added to your home learning pack for this week. Please ignore these as we will use these next week instead. ONLY COMPLETE THE LESSONS MENTIONED ABOVE. WE WILL CONTINUE OUR WORK ON EUCHARIST NEXT WEEK INSTEAD.

Eucharist Year 4 home learning lessons.docx

Complete lessons 1 and 2 from week 3


Please click on the link below:

Monday's worship


During Lent, we will be completing the 40 Acts of Kindness. For more details about this and other activities for Lent, please see the links below:

40 Acts of Kindness.docx

Lent and Holy Week.docx


Ancient Greece

Lockdown week 7

Lesson 2 focus

Place people and events into chronological order



Look at the website

It provides an introduction to life in Ancient Greece.

You can watch the animated map:

Finally, read the notes in the document below. I want you to cut photos out and create a timeline which shows some of the main events from Ancient Greece. Try and come up with some actions to show the events that took place. 

ancient greece lesson notes and resources.docx


Lesson focus:

Make a simple series circuit

Make predictions and compare them to what you found out


We have bought some electrical equipment for you to collect from school. Please look after this and return it to school once you have finished. You will use it over the next few weeks. You will start working towards your ‘Junior Apprentice Electrician’ award. Task 1 is to make a circuit using the equipment provided (2 wires, bulb, bulb holder and cell. Can you light the bulb?

Draw your completed circuit and label it.

Extra challenge: predict and test the circuits on the cards below:

predict and test.pdf


Login to Purple Mash. Over the next few weeks, you will be working in 2Logo. I want you to complete lesson 1 from the plan (click on the link below). I am putting some of the sheets from the plan in your home learning packs.

Unit 4.5 Using Logo.pdf

Learning Links



Purple Mash

Active Learn - Please note that Active Learn does not work with Safari browser - please use Google Chrome to access