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Year 4 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 4's Learning Page 

Date:  W/C  Monday 25th January


Welcome to week 4 of home learning! You are all doing so well and I am proud of your efforts! I hope that you managed to enjoy the weekend and maybe got out for a walk or a bike ride. Let’s pray that we all stay safe and that we'll be back together as a class soon. Below, you’ll find information about the subjects being taught in class this week. I will be doing group zoom calls again on Monday for home learners and class zooms on other days. Either myself or another adult in class will be ringing parents on Wednesday to check in on everyone! I will do my best to answer any of your queries via email and to support your child as much as I can.

Questions or completed work can be sent to your class email which will be checked daily:

Take care,

Mr Perry


weekly timetable week 4 25.01.21.docx


Please see the link below. It has daily plans for the following week.



Your child should have their home spelling book. Please look at the spellings for the w/c 25.01.21. Practise daily and test your child on Friday. Most children are learning these words:

apostrophes singular and plural 25.01.21.docx


Focus on writing sentences with fronted adverbials this week. Take a look at the resources below and the ones included in your home learning pack.




pictures for fronted adverbials.docx

Daily Reading

Please continue to support your child with their reading. You can teach them how to read unfamiliar words by sounding out; reading on and going back to it and, importantly, discussing the context of the story. If your child is a confident reader, please still discuss the book with them. You can talk about key events, characters’ feelings as well as authors’ choice of language and the impact on the reader.

Also, see the comprehension resources that are in your paper copy of home learning. If you come to school on any days, please bring your home learning book and home learning pack so I can check your books and listen to you all read.


Over the week, we are learning about area. Please see the home learning resources on the following website:

Go to Year 4 and Spring week 4

I am also sending you some PDFs for your children to complete. Use can link to these below too.


mon worksheet answers.pdf

mon worksheet.pdf


tues worksheet answers.pdf

tues worksheet.pdf


wed worksheet answers.pdf

wed worksheet.pdf


thurs worksheet answers.pdf

thurs worksheet.pdf



Religious Education

Please click on the Word document below:

RE lockdown lessons for parents.docx

Make sure you've completed weeks 1-3 and then complete the activity for week 4. As an extension, your child could share their ideas about how they can share their love and care for others in the community. They could create a poster or even a short video about it. 


Year 4 Region in a European Country – Greece

Lockdown week 2

Lesson focus

Describe Greece’s physical and human features


Continue from last week when your child studied the physical and human features of Greece. This week, get your child to create a travel guide all about Greece. They could make their own little booklet. I am posting 2 documents below that gives you some ideas. Use the websites below too to help your child.

travel-guide for Greece.docx




Our topic is ‘Electricity’. Please continue with the videos from the website below:

Watch the video for lesson 4.


Continue with your circuit training. An example of exercises can be seen with the link below.

Alternatively, you could join in with Joe Wicks or do some dancing from Go Noodle!

Also, see the resources below:

Week 1 - Athletics (Infant) (1).pdf

Week 2 - Games (Junior).pdf


Login to Purple Mash. I have set you a 2Do in your folder. Enjoy :D Remember to save your work before you log out!

Learning Links



Purple Mash

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