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Religious Education work examples Summer


In the Summer term we studied the three themes of Pentecost, Reconciliation/Anointing the Sick  and Confirmation and the Universal Church. Each class  approached the themes through different topics.

Reception Summer

Our summer term began with talking about good news and sharing our own good news with our class. We had everything from family weddings, new babies, earning new karate belts to learning that a sibling would be joining our school next year.

We also listened to the story of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples, just as Jesus had promised.

We made wind spinners to remind us of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Year 1 Summer

The summer term started with the topic - Pentecost. For Christians, Sunday is the special day of the week.  It is the day on which Jesus rose from the dead and is considered to be a day of rest.  Pentecost is a special celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit, through whom the risen life of Jesus is given. In this topic the learning outcomes are to know and understand:

•  Holidays as days to be happy.

•  Pentecost; a holy day – the feast of the Holy Spirit.

Year 4 Summer

During our Pentecost topic, we focused on the Holy Spirit and it's impact on Christians. We discussed how it can guide us in our own lives, just as it guided the Apostles of Jesus. 

Year 5 Summer

Our summer term started with the topic - Pentecost. Throughout the first half term, we studied the feast of Pentecost and how this is a celebration of the gift of God’s Spirit and its transforming power. We looked at the story of St. Paul, the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how we can transform our energy for the good of others. To help our understanding of Pentecost, we looked at Luke's Gospel and St Paul's letter to the Romans.


Year 6 Summer

In our Pentecost topic, we have looked at the ways in which Jesus changed after His Resurrection and how he handed the task of spreading the Word of God to his disciples. We have explored what it means to witness to the Good News of Jesus in our own lives, and the strength and courage we need to do this successfully. We have explored how the Holy Spirit inspired the disciples to spread God's Word and how we too can be inspired to be witnesses in the modern world.

Alongside our work on Pentecost, we have studied a range of Gospel stories which help us to see how God wants us to witness His love in our everyday lives.