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Year 2 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 2's Home Learning Page


Monday 25th January 2021


 Hello my lovely Year twos!

Well done to all of you for completing your home learning packs and working so hard at home - I am really impressed and very proud of you all!

I loved seeing all of your smiley faces on our zoom meetings last week and speaking to you all on the phone!

Thank you to those of you who have either emailed me work or photographs or sent them over on purple mash - you really are working hard!

Remember if you would like to email me some of your work or even send a photograph of something you have been doing at home please email it to:

Zoom meetings and phone calls

Don't forget we have a zoom meeting in smaller groups on Monday (I have emailed you all of your codes and passwords), I will ring you all again on Wednesday and then our Spelling test and catch up on our Friday 9.30am Zoom! 

MONDAYS ZOOM - Our Monday zoom will be looking at day one Maths - Recognising 2D and 3D shapes. Please have your packs, paper and pencils ready!

Below is our 'normal' weekly timetable

Spring One timetable

I know you will continue to do lots of good work at home... and remember "Presentation is everything!"

If you need anything at all, please feel free to email me and I will try my very best to help! If you need any paper, pencils or resources please pop into school to collect at the school office.

We are missing you all so much 

Stay safe,

Miss Hewitt and Mrs Canty


This week you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of Oliver Jeffers’ most entertaining and thought-provoking books. You’ll even be able to have a go at writing your own in a similar style!

Click here for all of the information and links on this weeks work.  English work week four

I have also put a copy of all of these into your home learning packs but do feel free to complete any of these on Purple mash!

Day one English

Day two English

Day three English 

Day three English - blank postcard

Day three - The day the crayons came home extract

Day four English

Day five English

Day five English - blank book review


Please login to your active learn accounts and select a book to read from the books I have allocated you. You can also answer some questions based on the book too! I will be checking active learn daily so if you need any help - please let me know!

I have also given you two reading comprehensions to complete in your home learning packs.


This weeks spellings are those from your weekly spelling folder (See below)

We will have our weekly spelling test during our 9.30am zoom meeting on Friday - remember to have your marking pens ready (purple or red!)


1. Donkey

2.     Key

3.     Monkey

4.     Valley

5.     Chimney

6.     Honey

7.     Money

8.     Alley

9.     Journey

10. Chutney

Religious Education

There are two main sections in the Bible. 

The Old Testament tells us about the time before Jesus. 

The New Testament tells us about Jesus and the beginning of the Church. 

Some of the books are called by the name of the person thought to have written them: Mark, Jeremiah, Peter. 

Some are named after the person the story is about: Job, Ruth, Jonah. 

One is called after an event: Exodus. 

Others tell you about the content of the book: Genesis (Beginnings), Psalms, Proverbs, Letters. 

The Bible is like a library of different books.


This week I would like you to choose a favourite story from the Bible and retell the story.

Retell the story in your best handwriting and presentation then illustrate your story and colour.

RE week four - topic four

RE Week four activity 

For Monday's Worship please click on the link below

Monday's Worship  - week commencing 25th January  

For a daily prayer please use the link below.

Daily prayer - week commencing 25th January 


Design Technology - Food

This is our fourth lesson looking at food groups in the 'eat well plate', how important it is to have a varied diet, where our fruit and vegetables come from and we have planned a healthy salad or soup!


 Last week I asked you to plan your own healthy and tasty salad or soup recipe using the eat well plate to help you.

This week I would like you to create your recipe!!  You could make this for all of your family to enjoy!

 I would then like you to email me a photo of your delicious and healthy meal!

Remember make it as healthy and as tasty as you can!

Below are some healthy and tasty salad recipes I have found - these might give you some ideas!

Recipe ideas - Healthy salad

This weeks task - week four


This terms Science topic is ‘Animals including Humans’.

This week’s Science is about noticing that animals, including humans have offspring that turn into adults.

Today I would like you to cut out and match the pictures of the adult animals to their offspring. Then I would like you to label the names of the adults and the offspring. (For example; dog and puppy)

 Then I would like you to research other animals and their offspring and draw and label those too!

Science week four worksheet

Science week four worksheet - matching animals

 Please take a photo of your work and email them to:

Below is this weeks powerpoint

I have also put this weeks work in your home learning packs


This weeks Geography is looking at hot and cold countries. I would like you to look through the powerpoint below and research the countries Austria, Spain, France, Egypt, Australia and Greenland. Then complete the worksheet matching the luggage to the correct country around the world. 

Geography week four worksheet


I have given you all some tasks to complete on Purple mash - you could also go onto 2email and send me an email!

PE (Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday)

Why not try one of the activities/lockdown lessons from Burnley school sports partnership? Remember you can email me some photographs and videos!

Online PE resources

Why not try one of the activities on Mr Ashworth's Home Learning Page!

Sports Home Learning

Learning Links



Purple Mash

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