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Year 6 Home Learning

Welcome to Year 6's Home Learning Page!



Monday 1st March - Friday 5th March 2010


Hello Year 6

Hope you're all well. We're really looking forward to having you all back in school next week - it's way too quiet without you! In the meantime, thank you for continuing to work so hard, and thank you especially to those of you who have shared some of your home learning with us.

This week, we would like you to attempt the Maths and Literacy activities each morning. For the other subjects, try the RE on Monday, Art on Tuesday, Geography on Wednesday, ICT on Thursday and Science on Friday.

If you need any help, or if you want to send in your completed work including photos, please send them to your class email which will be checked daily       

Don't forget, packs of work are available from school if you prefer to use paper copies. We can also supply you with paper and pencils - just ask.

Have fun, stay safe and see you very soon!

Mrs Kelly and Mrs Room



This week explores all things to do with health, hygiene and heroes - we have already looked at part of the content in the science work we covered earlier in the term. Some of the questions we will be looking at are: What is a microbe? Which scientists made important advances that impact our lives today? What is the NHS and who do you consider a hero in this current climate?

Unit of work

Please follow our school spelling scheme. Don't forget, if you don't have your spelling file at home it can be collected from school.

Below are the spellings for the week beginning 1.03.21. This week, we are looking at some more homophones, words which can sometimes cause confusion in both our reading and our writing.

This week's spellings

Guided Reading:

In your pack, you will find a reading booklet with questions. This is your guided reading for the next two weeks. Work on this three times per week and remember to ask an adult to help you if you find any parts of the texts a little tricky. 





This week, we will be focusing on decimals, and introducing numbers with three decimal places. We will also be revisiting the important skill of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Please try very hard to learn the 12 x tables and the associated division facts.

Monday teaching video

Monday 4 a Day

Monday True or False?

Monday Activity

Monday Answers

Tuesday teaching video

Tuesday 4 a Day

Tuesday True or False?

Tuesday Activity

Tuesday Answers

Wednesday teaching video

Wednesday 4 a Day

Wednesday True or False?

Wednesday Activity

Wednesday Answers

Thursday teaching video

Thursday 4 a Day

Thursday True or False?

Thursday Activity

Thursday Answers

Friday teaching video

Friday 4 a Day

Friday True or False?

Friday Activity

Friday Answers


Religious Education

This week, we will be continuing with our work from the Eucharist unit. In week 2, we will be thinking about the meaning of the word "communion" and looking in depth at the words of St Paul.

Unit of work

Please click here for Monday's worship 

For a daily prayer session use the link to Ten:Ten Resources below.

Daily Prayer


This is the second week of our work on the classification of living things. You will find everything you need below.

Lesson plan

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5



We are continuing with spreadsheets today.  Still using 2calculate, continue with the lessons that you began last week.  If you began on KS1 move up a Key Stage and try those lessons.


Lesson plan

biomes map

climates around the world

biomes powerpoint

world biomes powerpoint

Lined paper




Please read the lesson plan for today's art lesson.

Lesson plan


Burnley School Sports Partnership have created some activities for you to try:

This week's lesson

Mr Ashworth has also been busy doing some video activities for you to try:

Sports Home Learning 

Learning Links



Purple Mash

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