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Child Health Information

Medicines & Accidents

If your child has been prescribed a medicine by their doctor and a dose is required during the school day, you will need to complete a medical requirement form to enable school staff to administer it on your behalf.  In the first instance, please see the school office.

We are normally unable to give over-the-counter medicines to children during the school day. Parents must usually make arrangements to administer these medicines to their children themselves. Please talk with the Headteacher if this causes insurmountable problems. If your child is asthmatic, diabetic, extremely allergic or has epilepsy, you will be asked to complete a detailed medical form, providing all relevant information, and provide us with emergency/preventative treatment for use in school.

First Aiders are responsible for the treatment of minor ailments, cuts and bruises which go hand in hand with children at play.

 At Christ the King, the staff, parents and children are responsible for the health and safety of all. This means that the whole school community acts so that no-one’s well-being is compromised, either their own or that of other people. Everyone at Christ the King, including children, has the responsibility to keep everyone safe, and report anything they see that is unsafe immediately to the Headteacher.

Please see our full medical policy here


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