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School Dinners

The children are able to order school meals in advance to reduce wastage.  There are three choices each day; the Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 menu can be found here.

Due to ordering meals in advance, the school requires 3 weeks notice to change from school lunch to packed lunch. 

Should you have any questions or you require a detailed allergen list for the current menu, please contact the school office.

School dinners are cooked on the premises and served in the hall at lunchtime.  The cost per day is £2.20. Children who do not require a meal at this time may eat their sandwiches at tables provided adjacent to the dinner tables in the hall. If parents would like their children to have a school dinner but are unable to meet the daily charge they may apply to the Education Office for a Free Meals Form here.

School Meals are £11.00 per week, £2.20 per day payable by Juniors (Year 3 and above) only.

Please try to pay for school meals weekly and in advance if possible.

You can book meals online for your child and also pay online here

Thank you 

Packed Lunches

School meals are a great choice for your child, but if you choose to make a packed lunch for them instead here are some tips for preparing a healthier lunchbox.

What to include in your child's lunchbox

A healthier lunchbox should:

  • be based on starchy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • include fresh fruit and vegetables/salad
  • include a source of protein such as beans and pulses, eggs, fish, meat, cheese (or dairy alternative)
  • include a side dish such as a low-fat and lower-sugar yoghurt (or dairy alternative), tea cake, fruit bread, plain rice/corn cakes, homemade plain popcorn, sugar-free jelly
  • include a drink such as water, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, sugar-free or no-added-sugar drinks

The Eatwell Guide shows you how to have a healthy balanced diet and can help you decide what to put in your child's lunchbox.

Find healthy lunchbox ideas at Change4Life.

Healthier breaktime snacks

Children often like food they can eat with their fingers. Try these ideas:

  • Chop up raw veggies – such as carrots or peppers, and give them hummus or cottage cheese to dip the veggies in.
  • Chop up fruit – such as apple, satsuma segments, strawberries, blueberries, halved grapes or melon slices. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to stop them from going brown.
  • Breadsticks and wholemeal crackers –make great finger foods. Try spreading low-fat soft cheese on them.
  • Choose malt loaf, tea cakes, fruit breads or fruit – instead of cake, chocolate, cereal bars and biscuits. Fruit can be fresh or canned (in juice, not syrup).

Dried fruit is not recommended as a snack between meals as it's high in sugar and can be bad for teeth, but it's OK when eaten as part of a meal.

Try these ideas for healthy food swaps.

More healthy lunchbox tips

It may take a while for your child to get used to a healthier lunchbox but keep trying. These tips may help:

Learn more about healthy eating.


National Fruit Scheme
As part of the Healthy Eating Programme, the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a free portion of fruit in accordance with the National Fruit Scheme, The fruit is given to the children as they go out to play for their morning break. Due to the success of the scheme, there is no reason to provide your child(ren) with a biscuit or chocolate bar for break time. If your child(ren) is in Key Stage 2, please could you provide a piece of fruit for their morning break instead of chocolate or sweets.

Access to Water

The children are encouraged and allowed to bring in a bottle of water daily, they are able to refill throughout the day from the water cooler.  The bottles are to be taken home to be washed and refilled ready for the next day.