Christ the King RC Primary School

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Christ at the heart of all we do

RE in School

Christ the King is a Voluntary Aided Catholic School and our worship assemblies and Religious Education are in accordance with the rites and teachings of the Catholic Church.  The practice of the Catholic Faith is fundamental in the life of the school and permeates all that we do.

The Parish Priest visits our school regularly and celebrates Mass and Liturgies on a number of occasions each term.  We work very closely with the parish of Christ the King, parents and catechists in preparing the children for the First Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion.

Whole school assemblies are held on Monday morning and Friday afternoon each week. Key Stage assemblies are held on Thursday mornings. Each Tuesday children have class worship and on Wednesday worship is whole school 'singing praise'.  Additionally, Masses and other Acts of worship are celebrated to provide different opportunities for the children to deepen their spirituality.  Parents and parishioners are always welcome to join us in our celebrations.

We aim to not only provide religious knowledge for the children but also the opportunity to experience and grow in our active Christian community, where the Catholic Faith is witnessed in the life of the school and where we follow the example of Jesus closely.   While there is a legal right for parents to request that their children are withdrawn from Religious Education or collective worship, the Governors expect all parents to understand, before applying for a place, that worship and the teaching of Religious Education are essential and integral parts of the life of our school.  No alternative provision is made at this time.  However, the Governors recognise their responsibilities in law and parents with a concern may discuss matters with them.


RE Curriculum

It is the policy of the Governing body that the school should provide a curriculum and syllabus for religious education, which fulfils Diocesan recommendations and corresponds to the Curriculum Director for Catholic Schools. As part of the Salford Diocese, Christ the King follows the teaching of RE using the syllabus ‘Come and See’.

Collective Worship