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Diocesan School Building Fund


Most parents decide to send their children to a Catholic school because they know that their child will be educated in a Catholic environment and because they know that the school will provide an excellent education.

So, as a voluntary aided school, if we need to improve the school, or undertake basic repairs or add additional facilities, we need to find 10% of the cost ourselves.  Many of you might not realise but, as a voluntary aided Catholic school, if we need to improve the school (undertake basic repairs or put in additional facilities), we must find ten percent of the overall costs ourselves.

At Christ the King we have been blessed over the years that facilities have been developed with the sacrifice, commitment and hard work of past and current families.  Our school is now fifty years old and, like our homes, needs repairing and maintaining.

We currently need a new boiler, as have been struggling to maintain it due to it's age.  We have contacted the Diocese for help towards this and talks are in place to replace the current boiler and move over to using gas which will be more cost effective.

The work to replace the roof will cost a substantial amount of money (Quote received over £20,000) Therefore, we need to raise money to cover some or all of this expense.  One way you can support us, as parents, is to contribute to our Building Fund.  


Most of the parents who contribute to the fund do so under the Gift Aid Scheme. Under this scheme the school can reclaim from the HMRC the basic rate tax you have already paid on your contribution. This increases the value of your contribution at no cost to you – for each £100 that we receive, the school claims back an additional £25! And if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you can claim relief on the difference between the basic rate and the higher rate of tax.

The Gift Aid declaration form is available on your Scopay account.

Further information on Gift Aid from HMRC is available from:

How to contribute:

Pay online on your children's account, pay all at once or just add £1 - £2 each time you pay lunches or extended day payments - it all adds up for us!

Cheque, payable to Christ the King RC Primary School for £18.00

You may also pay in cash to the school office in any instalment which match your circumstances.

Thank you in advance