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Year 4

Internet safety

Please remember to ask parents permission before accessing the internet. Remember to follow the SMART rules when keeping yourself safe online. If you are unsure click on the following link

Good morning Year four!

 I'm very proud of you all and all of your home learning that you have doing! I have loved seeing your work on Purple mash!


Wednesday 1st April 2020


Go to and enter your login details. Read a book that has been allocated to you in your 'My Stuff' area. Then answer the questions allocated to that book!

Create a book review on a book of your choice - either one from active learn or a book that you have read at home or school. 

Rate your chosen book out of five stars.



This week's writing challenge is to create and write a diary about your time at home that you can keep and look back on and read in the future!

Today I would like you to write the next part / day of your diary!

Remember to include:

Today's date (day, month and year)



First person (I)

Write about everything that you have been doing 



Look at the image below named 'The Mountain pass'

Sentence Challenge

Can you use your senses to describe the mountain pass to High Hrothgar?

What can you see/hear/smell/feel/taste?

Think about the following things:

the path wind trees

snow ice cloud

fog the summit voices

stone air fear

danger skin face


Logon to your TTRS account - see if you can beat your previous scores or complete the times tables questions at the back of your pack. 


Click on the above link - This will take you to white rose maths home learning.

Look at week one lesson two - Recognising tenths and hundredths (We have already studied tenths and hundredths in class - you will be an expert!)

Watch the video and then complete the questions that follow 



Fireworks in a glass experiment

Once you have completed your experiment - take a photograph and upload to purple mash if you can! 



Online Resources