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Year 6

Internet safety

Please remember to ask parents permission before accessing the internet. Remember to follow the SMART rules when keeping yourself safe online. If you are unsure click on the following link

Date: Monday 18th May 2020

Morning Year 6! Well can you believe it, this is the last week before half term - how quickly this summer term is passing! Let's hope the sun comes out again so we can spend lots of time outdoors with our families.

Don't forget your home learning though! You'll find all the information you need below, but if you're feeling very industrious (look that one up!) there are additional activities in the packs which can be collected from the entrance porch at school. Paper, pencils etc are also available.

Hope you've got something good planned for the half term fortnight. I think I'll be mainly running and gardening, but sure you'll think of something much more exciting!

Work hard, have fun and stay safe.

Missing you all very much,

Mrs Kelly x


This week focuses on climate change and what we can do to combat it.  We will also look at the work of 17 year old environmental activist Greta Thunberg and see how she has become so influential in addressing this issue.

Please click the picture on the right hand side to access the document where you will find daily information and links to help you explore the topic.

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

Remember before you start you will need to register with 


Please keep reading regularly and, most importantly, choose a book you will enjoy.


Please continue to follow the work in your spelling folder. This week, your spellings are for the week beginning  18.05.20


We are now using White Rose maths resources. You will need to go to Summer 1 Week 5 (18th May 2020) by clicking on the picture to the right hand side. There is a teacher input and then an activity for you to do below.

Week 5 Day 1 Activity

Week 5 Day 1 Answers

Week 5 Day 2 Activity

Week 5 Day 2 Answers 

Week 5 Day 3 Activity 

Week 5 Day 3 Answers

Week 5 Day 4 Activity

Week 5 Day 4 Answers 


Click the picture for your RE for this week. You can decide when to do this. It would be better to do the first lesson at the start of the week (Monday/Tuesday) and the second lesson towards the end of the week (Thursday/Friday).


Weekly Project 

Linked to your English work, the project this week aims to provide opportunities to learn about the environment, and how humans can have both a negative and positive impact on our planet. Within this, you will have the opportunity to study endangered species, upcycling, how to protect the oceans and improve air quality This is a subject we all need to think about carefully and remember that the wellbeing of our beautiful planet is the responsibility of each and every one of us. Enjoy!

Please click the picture on the right hand side to access the document where you will find information and links to help you explore the project.

Try to cover one section per day.

Remember - if you can, send photos into school of your amazing work, we would love to see what you have been up to!


Hello from Year 6!


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Physical Education

Joe Wicks continues to hold PE lessons for kids out of school on his YouTube channel. These are free thirty minute live workout sessions which can be used by all the family.

The Lancashire School Games Stay at Home Programme aims to provide opportunities for young people and families to become or remain active through a timetable of accessible opportunities. Resources, videos, weekly challenges and learning activities will form part of a weekly timetable to ensure you can remain active.  Click the picture to find out more..

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Online Resources

Note to parents: Twinkl

Twinkl Resources are currently free to parents. Simply log on with an email address and create a password. 

All Twinkl resources are differentiated according to a child's ability - 3 stars is the most challenging; whereas 1 star is less challenging. If you are unsure of your child's ability choose the 2 star option.