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Geography Curriculum Intent Statement :

At Christ the King R.C Primary, we aim to deliver a high-quality geography curriculum which will inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. As well as learning about the physical and human processes, children should be equipped with knowledge about diverse people, places, environments and resources. A key aim for the subject in the school is to promote the skill of active enquiry and investigation, encouraging the children to question how, why, where and what in terms of geographical processes.

Geography Policy

Geography curriculum map 2022 2023

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Spring 2

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Our Geography Curriculum 

Autumn 2 Year 1 

Our topic this half term was weather and seasons. Here are some examples of the work that we carried out with Mrs. Allen.

Autumn 1 Year 4

Our topic was rivers and the water cycle.  Each child used maps, atlases and online mapping. They described the physical features of rivers as well as researched and presented information about a well-known world river. We even visited our local river and had the opportunity to embed all of our learning in class!

Autumn 2 Year 5: Climate Zones.

In our Geography topic this term, we studied the Earth's climate zones. We explored where these climate zones are situated and learned their features and how each zone affects the people who live there. We studied data related to each zone and used our Maths skills to interpret data. We finished off our unit by writing and performing a weather report

Autumn 1 Year 6

Year 6 have studied the continent of North America.

Some of the areas the children studied were: the physical and human features of the continent; comparing the different climate zones and temperatures of Nuuk Greenland and London and also making links between the economy and the land-use, natural resources and tourism of their chosen country of North America.