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Statement of Intent History

At Christ the King R.C Primary, we aim to deliver a high quality history education which will give pupils a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. We want to promote the key skills of active enquiry and interpretation. Children will be encouraged to form and ask their own lines of enquiry in historical events and processes. Through their study of History in school, children should be curious about the past, understand the complexity of people’s lives and the diversity of societies and relationships between different groups as well as be aware of the challenges of their time.


Some previous learning in HISTORY 

During the Autumn term, Year 4 learned about the Vikings. Our enquiry focus was, 'What were the Vikings really like?' We started by exploring artefacts to create curiosity and created lots of questions. This led us into a more detailed focus on who the Vikings really were and evaluated different sources. The children then presented the findings. 

During the Summer term, Year 4 learned about Ancient Greece. Our enquiry focus was, 'What was daily life like for Ancient Greeks?' We started by exploring images to create curiosity and asked lots of questions. We studied various sources in order to deepen our understanding of life in Ancient Greece. The children made comparisons between Spartan and Athenian life. They took on the role of a 7 year old Spartan and wrote in role, displaying an understanding of life for a Spartan child.