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Statement of Intent Music

At Christ the King Primary School, it is our intent that we make music an enjoyable learning experience. Our teaching focuses on developing the children’s ability to understand rhythm and follow a beat. Through singing songs, children learn about the structure and organisation of music. We teach them to listen and to appreciate different forms of music. Children develop descriptive language skills in music lessons when learning about how music can represent different feelings, emotions and narratives. We also teach technical vocabulary such as volume, pitch, beat and rhythm and encourage children to discuss music using these terms.

Examples of Curriculum Music 


Year 1 'Round and Round' - Spring 2

During Spring 2, Year 1 have covered the Charanga unit 'Round and Round'. We have listened to and appraised different styles of music, learnt to sing the song 'Round and Round', played glockenspiels to accompany the song and used the glockenspiels to improvise with the song. The following 4 videos show the singing, playing glockenspiels, improvising and all the elements put together.

Year 2 

Year 3

Year 5.

Year 6

Year 6 have followed Charanga Music Scheme this half term and learned to sign to Happy - here is a section - please enjoy!

In this half term's music, the children have been listening to jazz music in the style of different musicians. They listened to various pieces of music and then played the glockenspiel to a piece written by Ian Gray, in the style of Burt Bacharac - "Bacharach Anorak".  Sit back and enjoy.

Choir clip art free download clipart images 3  CTK School Choir Choir clip art free download clipart images 3

The school has a well established choir who perform enthusiastically at a variety of events during the school year. We carol sing at the school Christmas Fair, in the town centre, in local care homes and for the last few years have accompanied a brass band at the official opening of the nativity scene in Burnley centre. 

We have always enjoyed taking part in the Sing Together  initiative run through Blackburn Cathedral with many other Lancashire schools; ending with a grand concert performance at King George's Hall in Blackburn where our choir take their place proudly on the stage with hundreds of other children to form a mega choir - the children love it!