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Christ at the heart of all we do

Welcome to Year 4 Class

In Year 4 we are taught by Mr Hammond. We are supported by Mrs Allen and Mr Ashworth  (mornings) and Mrs Connolly (afternoons). Mrs Room also teaches us when Mr Hammond is completing his planning and preparation. 

We follow the school ethos 'Christ at the Heart of All We Do'  to ensure that we can complete our learning to the best of our ability.

Throughout Autumn we will have P.E on a Monday morning so make sure you bring your P.E kits! We have now had information from St Peter's regarding swimming on a Friday - a letter was emailed to parents on Wednesday 9th September but if you missed it you can find it by clicking here.

Spellings are sent home every Friday to be learnt and practiced for the test on the following Friday. All spellings will be in the Spelling booklet which was given out at the beginning of the year.

Reading books can be changed daily but can only be changed once an adult has signed to say the book has been read and finished. As well as reading books there will also be daily guided reading sessions.

Sacramental Programme

Reconciliation Letter - Tuesday 13th October

Please contact the school office if you are unsure of your allocated time slot.

Learning Letters

 Every half term a Homework Challenge will be sent home and this will be linked to what we are learning about in class. 

Autumn 1     Autumn 2

Spring 1         Spring 2

Summer 1      Summer 2 

Spellings - Autumn 1 

James D          Austyn C          Grace C           Bradley D           Aaron F       Rafferty J

Grace R           Jessica S          Amelia T 

KIRF's (Key Instant Recall Facts)

Our Curriculum


Welcome to your check up!

This week, we started our science curriculum off with an exciting visit to the Dentist. We had loads of fun as we learnt about the types of teeth in our mouths. We inspected our own teeth by making prints of them . Next, we investigated how the teeth are used to cut, grind and maul our different foods. We 'capped' it off by inspecting x-rays of the mouth in addition to discussing healthy foods and drinks to protect our precious chomper


Next please!


The children have all been refreshing their understanding of place value (PV) since we arrived back into school.

The following links are places where you can help the children understand:

  1. What is  place value?   - 
  2. I can round numbers to nearest 10, 100, 1000 - 
  3.  I can order numbers up to 4 digits  - 

Key Learning Recall Facts for Year 4 Autumn 1

Here are the key Maths skills that your Year 4 child should know. I have given a few pointers on how to aid your child. Please feel free to contact School for additional help and pointers. 



The children have investigated the area of Loch Ness in Scotland in order to write an article/infographic about the Loch Ness Monster.

Here are some Web sites that you and your children, investigate and discuss information to help the children write their article in the future. You may wish to record some of the facts or print and highlight the pages :  

Autumn 2

We have been looking at Fantasy Narratives this half term and the children have relished our class read, gaining inspiration for their own fantasy narrative about the character Lila. Every week, the children have dazzled us with their interest in producing magical writing for Lower school audiences.

Our class read is....


The children are looking at the Anglo Saxons and Vikings era. We have looked at where the Angles and the Saxons came from. We have talked about the Romans leaving Britain and allowing other people to enter the country from Scandinavian countries.

Our Key question of investigation is: Were they Invaders or Traders? 

Here are some websites that give information for you to look at regarding the early period of settlers:

Why did the Anglo Saxons come to Britain?  - 

Who were the Anglo Saxons? - 

Have a go at what we did in school today.

Our History lesson involved a group of scruffy Saxons investigating a Viking Long ship anchored on the North Eastern shores of Britain in 793 AD.

The children developed a range of their own questions to investigate the Long ships and the life of a Viking as they Trade or Invade. A captured Viking was heat seated for information about these threatening craft.


Class 4 ended the week of being United Against Bullying bu acting out a bullying scenario of their own choice. They each assumed one of the six key roles in a bullying situation and created a script that they acted out superbly. The children were very clear in their knowledge and opinions that we should all be United Against Bullying. A lovely end to the week!


We have had a messy yet exciting time learning about our featured artist, Kandinsky. The children loved painting their backgrounds and concentric circles ready to mount them next week. 

We listened to the music of Kandinsky's favourite artists whilst we found our inner glows.


Our PE lessons have included a while host of special cross curricular lessons created and delivered by Mr. Ashworth. The children have travelled to Loch Ness and skilfully escaped the chasing monster by land, sea and air.



Despite the restrictions on our musical creativity, Mrs Room has been able to introduce silent music lessons, yes silent!

The children are learning signing to music and have had great fun learning this new skill.


What goes in must come out!

The children smiled so much seeing how we consume and digest foods. Mrs Connolly and Mrs Allen  managed to help create a realistic digestive system that operated in the same way as a human one. This delicate subject was handled with maturity by the fabulous children in year 4. In addition we had belly laughter as the process unfolded.

States of Matter matter!

We investigated the different states of matter and studied the properties of different Solids, Liquids and Gases

Human Digestive System experiments can be very messy!


The children have been learning about and investigating the family tree of the Royal family in preparation to understanding how Matthew described Jesus' genealogy to the Jewish people in order to demonstrate the magestry  of Jesus. We are looking forward to investigating the Ancestors of Jesus in more detail.


Perhaps you would like to have a go at creating a family tree of your own for the children to see their previous generations.